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Chamba - its arts and crafts / it's magnificent scenery

Chamba Tourism Guide

About Chamba

A charismatic medieval town of Chamba is situated on the banks of the River Ravi. The region has got the most picturesque beauty and magnificence that cannot be surpassed. The region is adorned with the most enthralling architectural masterpieces that date back to centuries. The region is well known for its streams, meadows, temples, paintings, handkerchief and lakes. The region is also one of the most pristine and serene place in the entire nation.

It is said that town was founded during the 10th century by Raja Sahil Varman of Pahari dynasty. The region that was named after the king’s Champawati and is known for its countless temples, charming folklore and dense forests.

The town is also the base for Gaddi shepherds who lead a nomadic life who return to his region to stock their supplies. Visit more details of India tour packages


Attractions in Chamba

Bhuri Singh Museum Bhuri Singh Museum : This museum was set up by the Raja Bhuri Singh in the year 1908 under the guidance of Professor John. The museum which is counted among one of the oldest museums in the country showcases Pahari miniature painting of Chamba and Kangra styles, historical documents, epigraphs, copper plates, manuscripts, wood carvings, armor and other items.


Pangi Valley Pangi Valley: The Pangi valley a tribal area in the district of Chamba that is divided into the Saichu, Hudan Bhatori and Sural Bhatori valleys.




Chamba Chaugan Chamba Chaugan :The region is a busy trading centre for villagers from the nearby hills. Every year, the Chaugan holds the Minjar procession or Minjar Mela that goes on for a total of seven days and comprises numerous sports and cultural activities that commemorate this occasion. On the last day of the fair, "Minjars" are immersed into the Ravi River.



Religious places in Chamba

Laxmi Narayan Temple Laxmi Narayan Temple : Built in the 10th century AD by the King of Chamba, this temple is constructed in the Shikhara style.




Chamunda Devi Temple Chamunda Devi Temple : The Chamunda Devi temple is one of the famous religious places or the devotees. An incarnation of goddess Parvati or Durga, the deity got this name from the two monsters whom she killed Chanda and munda, and thus came to be called.




Hari Rai Temple Hari Rai Temple : Dedicated to Lord Vishnu the origin of this temple dates back to the 11th century. Constructed by Salabahana, the temple was built in Shikhara style and boasts the fine artistic skills of the craftsmen. Being one of the major old temples, this temple is visited by numerous devotees and travelers to pay their honor to the Lord.



Chamba Church Chamba Church : Built by Raja Sham Singh in the main Chamba market the Chamba Church is Beautiful masterpiece in the entire region. It is believed that the King gifted this to the Church of Scotland mission for the use of the Christian community in Chamba.




Sui Mata Temple Sui Mata Temple : Located on the elevations of the Shah Madar Hill, the temple is one of the most sacred places for the people of the entire state. This temple is visited by numerous devotees who wish to pay their honor to the residing deity.




Chaurasi Temples Chaurasi Temples : The Chaurasi temples were built in the century in honor of different deities namely Lakshana Devi, Ganesha, Manimahesh and Narsingha. As per tales it is said that once 84 Yogi's visited Bharmaur. After seeing the king’s humanity they blessed him the boon of ten sons and a daughter Champawati.

How to Reach Chamba

  • By Air : Gaggal at Kangra which is 135 km away from Chamba is the nearest airport to reach this town.
  • By Train : The broad gauge railway station at Pathankot (120 km) is the nearest one to Chamba.
  • By Road : The Himachal Road Transport Corporation runs numerous buses that connect to different parts within the state and also from Delhi on a regular basis.

Best time to visit Chamba

The best time to visit this region is from March to October.

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